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I know that calling our collection the best is a bold claim, but here we are. We’ve launched this website after a lot of work on both the collection of games that are coming on the site and the site itself. We’re a team with a lot of experience in the world of adult gaming. We’ve been active since the early Flash era and we now come with the latest games in the industry which are ready to be played for free across all of your devices. All of our games are HTML5, which is the latest technology available in the world on online gaming. The graphics in these games are amazing. And the gameplay is totally different from the point and click method that was usually found in the old school Flash games. From the technical point of view, we are sure that these are the best sex games that you will find on the web.

But there’s more than just technicalities making our games the best. There’s no use for excellent graphics in a game featuring sexy babes with big tits if what you’re looking for are handsome men. And that’s why our collection as a whole is the best. We come with a lot of diversity in this collection. We have games from all the categories and also for all sexualities. We have queer games on the site and we even come with fetish games and with furry sex games. Everything you need is right here for all your fantasies. And all you need to play these games is internet access. You won’t need to download anything, you won’t need to install anything, there’s no need to create an account and we offer all these games for free with no strings attached. As long as you’re over 18, all this naughty virtual universe is yours for the taking.

Hundreds Of Games, All To Make You Happy

Adult Video Games is coming with a massive collection of games. We have hundreds of games and they’re not all about family sex fantasies or sex simulators. We made sure to include at least a dozen games in all the big categories of sex games that are popular across the internet. And then we took all the other least popular but really naughty categories and found games for them and all the naughty people who enjoy them. That’s how we ended with such a diversified collection. On our site you will find hardcore sex games which are going to please so many of your fetishes. We are one of the few sites coming with categories for feet fetish games, extreme anal action games, impregnation and pregnancy sex games, even with lactating fetish games or rape fantasy roleplay games. There’s so much more for the naughty guys who choose to do their gaming on our site, and you can discover it all by browsing our massive collection.

Adult Video Games Is Not Just For The Straight Guys

One big issue with most of the hardcore porn gaming sites out there is the fact that they don’t offer enough content for people who want something else other than hot chicks. We have the hottest gay sex games of the moment. Enjoy hardcore fucking in sex simulators or live the perfect gay dating life with our games in which you will meet all kinds of interactive characters with different personalities. We bring the same options of enjoyment for our lesbian visitors who want to play adult games, and the lesbian games are not just the same old girl on girl sex action meant for straight guys. Another category on our site is coming with games for the ladies. You can enjoy the most popular kinks from the women’s porn world on our site. We even have sex games for couples, which can be used to introduce your partner to your kink ideas and even as guides for perfect sex experiences. And let’s not forget our beautiful furry community, who is enjoying some of the hottest furry sex games on our site. With these amazing games you can create the perfect fursona avatar and take them on wild adventures throughout the sex world.

The Ultimate Adult Gaming Platform Is Exactly What You Need

One of the issues with many of the adult gaming sites out there is the fact that they’re not adapted for their communities. Many of them forget the fact that they are visited from all kinds of devices, they ignore the need of the user to have an uninterrupted gameplay experience and most of them have no community features. That’s where our site is completely different. We have everything you need for a perfect gaming experience on our site. One of the things that players love about our platform is the fact that we offer so many community features to our visitors. You can rate the games, comment on them, post on the forum and soon enough you will be able to chat with other players in our chat rooms. And you’ll be doing all that without having to create an account. We believe in complete discretion when it comes to porn. Last thing you need when you are trying to get the kinkiest ideas out of your mind is the thought that the site on which you’re enjoying your adult entertainment has your name or email address. We never ask you for personal data, and the connectivity to our servers is 100% secured to end to end encryption.

But the best thing about our site is that we managed to find the best advertising method. That’s a way through which we can keep things going while offering you an experience that’s not going to annoy you in any way. We have the same type of ads you see on mainstream porn tubes, with some banners and just one skippable video ad at the beginning of the videos. It’s all going to make you cum and squirt on our site.

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